Group classes

Have you moved to Luxembourg and found out that learning French would make life easier for you?

Or have you lived here for some time but have realized that the few French phrases you know don’t take you very far?

Or maybe you tried learning French but it just wouldn’t stick?

Our mission is: to provide you with practical language you can use every day, through fun and interactive activities (without a textbook or stodgy grammar rules!)

You will be surprised how easily you will pick up the language!


[I liked t]he relaxed atmosphere, the humor, the memorable descriptions (I’ll never ever forget the difference between billet and ticket! 🙂 ) It was also well-structured so it didn’t get boring, and was focused on speaking and listening, with explanations when necessary in English, instead of being totally grammar-focused.
Melissa O. (on attending a trial class)
French du Jour classes are always fun and diverse. [Lorraine] doesn’t just focus on language and grammar, but on how French is really used day-to-day.
Anthony S.

General Information

Requirements: knowledge of English
Minimum group size: 3 students
Price: €25-30-40 / 45-60-75-minute workshop

 An official language certification will not be provided.

September – December 2020 Schedule

Beginners A1.2 (Contact us if you are interested.)

Intermediate B1-B2 (Contact us if you are interested.)